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Roots and Blues songwriter and guitarist John Alexander

Alien Vs The Magic Band

Some 20 years ago a group of school friends and myself ventured into the darkened abyss of Glasgow's arches for Alien War. We survived that attack to fight another day, and recently that day came again when we regrouped for Alien Apocalypse.

This final encounter is only on for another 3 weeks, and is highly recommended. Where else in Glasgow do you have to sprint away from impending attackers, with weird shaped heads, with gun fire and explosions at every corner. Ok perhaps just up the road on a Saturday night on Sauchiehall Street, but this terror is themed on the Alien movie franchise, and not some Danny Boyle film.

This interactive play will have you screaming, laughing and out of breath, and proving who your friends really are. Under pressure one of my group wanted the slowest person to be left for the alien.


Another suspicious character on our tour of duty was an American tourist, who seemed quite bemused as to what all this was about. We had thought he was a plant and was most definitetly going to be a liability or a victim. When informed of this afterwards he laughed saying 'no way man, I'm in the Magic Band and I'm playing upstairs, I just came down to see what was going on'

Go and experience Alien Apocalypse in The Arches before it ends, its magic.