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The Carrier Bag Tax - explained.

We are all now aware of this new carrier bag tax introduced in Scotland late last year. This is a great idea, a compulsory tax on bags (5p) to encourage recycling and cut down the amount of plastic bags being unnecessarily produced, help protect the environment etc. However one thing you may not be aware is, this 5p tax does not go to the Government, nor does it necessarily go to a good cause or charity. It is up to each business what they do with the money. As per Carrier Bag Charge Scotland web site - 'The net proceeds of the charge belong to your business' so it is up to the retailer what to do with the 5p charge. So now we have even more encouragement to recycle rather than line the pockets of some organisation.

I can't comprehend why the money going to the state, or even better a good cause was not made compulsory?!

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